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Sea Value Sustainable Seafood Procurement and Processing Policy

As a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) Sea Value are committed to the initiatives for long-term conservation and sustainable use of fish stocks. 
Our involvement has in turn, improved our business practices. The following principles summarize our approach to seafood sustainability;

Sustainable Fish Stocks
All the tuna we supply is purchased under strict specifications and committed principles.  A high percentage of the tuna that we buy is Skipjack tuna which is considered abundant and highly fertile. 

Much smaller quantities of Yellowfin tuna are purchased from Pacific and Indian oceans under the (IOTC) Indian Ocean Tuna Commission’s scientific committee recommendations. All vessel-caught tuna is done so under the presence of an on-board observer.


Fishing Regulations and Marine protected Areas 

As a founding member of the ISSF, Sea Value  do not and never will participate in or support any illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing activities and are fully compliant with RFMO (Regional Fisheries Management Organisation). 

Sea Value  supports Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) which sets clear conservation objectives for tuna population and the ecosystem upon which they depend.  We only purchase our stocks from vessels which comply fully with the Regional Fisheries Management Organisation’s conservation management measures.


Catch and By-Catch

All tuna that Sea Value  purchase is caught using either purse seine or pole and line fishing methods.  We do not support tuna caught using gill net or drift net fishing methods. Our skippers complete annual plus ongoing training programs on proper handling and release of bycatch, best practices on shark and turtle handling, FAD fishing and bycatch reduction methods.


Vessel Registry     

Sea Value  actively support and encourage the use of Unique Vessel Identifier’s (UVI) to support the elimination of Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU). The ISSP resolution 13-03 calls for all ISSF members to register their controlled purse seine vessels on the Proactive Vessel Registry (PVR) Sea Value  actively support and encourage our tuna suppliers to remain compliant with this and prioritise purchases of tuna from those vessels registered on the PVR.            



Transhipment remains a priority and is high 
on the Regional Fisheries Management Organisation’s agenda for elimination.  As a 
founding member of the ISSF, Sea Value refrain from engaging in any transactions in tuna with vessels that tranship at sea, whether high seas, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) territorial seas or archipelagic waters.  More can be found on the ISSF website.


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