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Sea Value Facilities  

Sea Value Plc. owns and operates 4 state-of-the-art tuna processing facilities, 3 of which are in the heart of the Thailand seafood and tuna cannery industries under its subsidiaries Unicord Plc. and I.S.A. Value Co. Ltd. and the fourth is in Lignol - France. Together these facilities have a total current operating capacity of approximately 1,000 tonnes per day.


Unicord Plc 1, Unicord Plc 2 and I.S.A. Value Co. Ltd. 

Unicord Plc. and I.S.A. Value Co. Ltd.  are the two leading tuna processors and the second largest in Thailand. Sea Value have invested heavily in state-of-the-art metal detection machinery to eliminate foreign bodies.  Our plastic pack allows for metal detection of the finished goods, further increasing customer confidence in the quality standards of our finished products.


Sea Value Atlantic 

The Sea Value Atlantic Factory in Lignol France is a highly advanced and a fully automated pouch and canning operation, producing tonnes of fresh pasteurised tuna and salmon every day for the food service, industry and retail markets.

Sea Value Atlantic produce tuna, salmon, value-added products and organic variations in canned and pouch variations.  Other packaging variations are also produced.  Sea Value Atlantic can tailor-make any product for industry, food service and retail customers.


Strategic Partnerships

One of our key strengths is the ability to form strategic partnerships with the world’s leading tuna suppliers. This can guarantee availability of raw materials throughout the year which ensures that our factories are never short of fish.

Logistics Service

Sea Value’s highly advanced European and International logistics infrastructure ensures maximum possibilities for product distribution.  In addition to its dedicated processing facilities, Sea Value Plc. promote its control over the surrounding integrated supply chain management via its subsidiary Borneo Logistics Co. Ltd.  based in Thailand who provide logistics and transportation services to and from any designated ports in Thailand along with excellent cold storage facilities. These professional storage and logistic networks ensure the freshness and quality of raw materials are maintained during transportation and storage as well as the timely delivery of the products.

Sea Value is majority shareholder of Borneo Logistics Co., Ltd. whose services include International air and sea freight forwarding and customs formalities. They also offer Inland transportation, cargo consolidation and logistics management.

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