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SEA VALUE PLC. Was founded in March 2004 as a holding company for two leading tuna processors, I.S.A. VALUE CO LTD and UNICORD PLC. with a total of 3 factories in Thailand, which mainly produce tuna in cans and pouches.

In 2008 "SEA VALUE EUROPE" was founded by SEA VALUE PLC. in order to provide the best possible services to European customers from Nijkerk (the Netherlands).

At the end of October 2015, SEA VALUE NETHERLANDS COOPERATIVE has taken a new step by acquiring a processing facility called “ATLANTIC GOURMET”, located in Brittany France, whose name has been changed into: “SEA VALUE ATLANTIC S.A.S.”.



By combining a group of strategic partners with more than 40 years of industrial knowledge and expertise in the field of tuna and other fish and seafood production, Sea Value can always guarantee excellent tuna production.

Sea Value uses the most advanced production technologies in all our processing facilities. We strive for the highest quality raw materials and pay extra attention to superior products in every production step.



Since its establishment 
is Sea Value Plc. recognized worldwide as one of the best tuna processors in Thailand with a large range of fish products.

Sea Value supplies the highest quality tuna, sardine, mackerel, salmon and other seafood products using certified manufacturing practices, ethical standards and promoting industrial and environmental sustainability.
Our products range from industry standard to tailor-made products that meet the ever-changing needs of our global customers.


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Contact information

Sea Value Europe BV
Melkrijder 16 (1st Floor)
3861 SG Nijkerk

Tel.: +31(0)33 2533200
Fax.: +31(0)33 2533201

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